Phonak has been one of the leaders in bringing pioneering technology to hearing aids.

Their efforts were recently recognized by a global association of tech developers and manufacturers at CES in New York, a tradeshow sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association. They won two CES 2019 Innovation Awards. One was for the accessibility incorporated into their Audéo Marvel line of hearing aids and the other for the 3D printing that underpins the manufacturing of their Virto B-Titanium.

“Our entire team is honored to have Phonak’s industry-leading hearing aids recognized for excellence in both Accessibility and 3D Printing,” said Senior Vice President of Marketing Thomas Lang. “These award-winning hearing solutions continue to illustrate Phonak’s boundless commitment to helping people live a life with no limitations.”

Over 182,000 people hailing from 160 countries come together at CES to take in the 4,000 exhibitors. It’s a festival of cutting-edge consumer tech. The Innovation Awards recognize the underlying design, ease of functionality, overall consumer appeal, and engineering ingenuity of products spanning 28 categories. It is meant to reward and publicize products that bring high-end tech into the real world of everyday consumers.

It was the universal Bluetooth accessibility of the Phonak Audéo Marvel that brought it accolades. This includes Bluetooth Classic and direct stereo streaming for both Android smartphones and iPhones. Pre-programmed mixes for speech versus music streams are also part of the package.

And Phonak says the 3-D printing of the Virto B-Titanium makes it the first titanium hearing aid in the world produced using this burgeoning technology. It allows these units to be individualized for users with Phonak’s Biometric Calibration, which measures 1600 data points for each user that are then incorporated into the final product.