For the new year, Oticon has released a major upgrade of its line of Opn hearing aids. The rollout will be in March.

When the Opn was introduced in 2016 the company stated its goal was to allow people with hearing loss to understand speech, in any sound environment,  “on par with people with normal hearing.” The second generation of the Opn gets closer to that goal.

The first wave of improvement is in baseline performance. According to benchmark testing carried out by Oticon, the Opn S will improve performance over the first-generation Opn by providing:

  • A 10 percent expansion in memory recall
  • A 15 percent betterment of speech understanding
  • A 10 percent curtailment in listening effort

These performance metrics are based on the BrainHearing technology that Oticon has developed over the past decade.

The other major performance improvement is in ridding users of feedback issues. Though all hearing aids have improved in this area in recent years, there are still occasional circumstances that bring on the high-pitched annoyance of feedback. The “new” Opn has incorporated superior feedback canceling in order to make feedback an even rarer occurrence.

There are also a couple of new features. The OpenSound Booster that is now part of the Oticon On App will allow not only direct wireless linking with an iPhone or Android smartphone, but will also allow these devices to be incorporated into the Opn S’s functions as a way to boost performance, especially in noisy environments.

Another new option is the first rechargeable Opn. The lithium-ion battery will be able to take a charge overnight and then provide a full day’s use.