Lyric phonakPhonak’s Lyric is one of the most inconspicuous hearing aids on the market. It provides superb audio engineering with disposable units that are placed deep in the ear canal for up to four months. When its battery is drained the entire unit is replaced. The Lyric is so small that it’s virtually impossible to see when fitted. It is also water resistant, so showering is not a problem (though it is not fully waterproof, so no scuba diving).

Unlike other hearing aids that are bought outright, the Lyric is purchased through a plan that covers a set time period. It is somewhat like a car lease arrangement, only the plan is that the car will wear out regularly and be replaced. It tends to be more expensive than other hearing aids, but its invisibility and convenience is worth it for many users. One of the features of the Lyric is its proximity to the eardrum. This physical reality improves performance, especially in the high frequencies, and makes it easier to use with phones.

The work of a specialized professional is the only way to have a Lyric fitted. Certain medical conditions prevent the use of a Lyric and not everyone can be fitted properly. Initially, an examination of the ear canal is required. Testing to see if the Lyric is powerful enough to deal with the hearing loss of the patient is also required. Only then can a unit be fitted.

Many people will require a follow-up visit in the 5 to 10-day range after the initial fitting. Any initial fitting issues can be addressed at this time.