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Modern hearing aids are a marvel of modern technology and design. But there are some other tools that can aid those with hearing issues. For example, even with a hearing aid, telephone conversations can often be a challenge.

One of the most effective and economical tools to improve the quality of phone calls is CaptionCall. This system gives a virtual real-time text readout of what is said by the other party during a phone conversation. It’s a free service that is funded by phone bill surcharges under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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CaptionCall is based on live agents who use voice-recognition software and manual overrides to deliver live captioning to your calls (much like those that can be found for TV shows and movies). Conversations are never recorded and there are strict privacy regulations in place.

To qualify for CaptionCall an individual must have a hearing loss diagnosed by a professional hearing specialist, who must submit a certification form. A Professional Certification Form is then provided to you that can be submitted to your phone company. An Internet connection is also required.

Once you’re ready, a CaptionCall trainer will schedule a visit to install your specialized phone and show you how it works.

There is even a CaptionCall Mobile option for the iPad, which provides all the benefits of CaptionCall but isn’t tied to a single phone location. The CaptionCall app includes security features, adjustable font sizes, a saved conversations feature (allowing calls to be reviewed later), captioned voicemail, and recent calls and contacts lists.