Four out of five hearing device users report a significant improvement in their hearing and a dramatic increase in their quality of life.

Users are so pleased with the opportunities that hearing devices have afforded them that they are more than willing to recommend the technology to friends and family members.

Don’t allow the prejudices of others prevent you from receiving the treatment and care you need. Hearing loss affects patients of all ages. Current trends even show an increase of hearing loss in younger individuals, often due to exposure to loud sounds.

Digital processing and new technology have addressed most, if not all, complaints related to out-dated hearing devices, including feedback, background noise and the need for constant adjustment. The latest advances in technology have made digital hearing devices smarter, smaller and easier to use, providing better communication for users. How are today’s digital hearing devices different? The technology is far superior to the bulky, outdated devices that your grandparents wore. One of the biggest complaints from users of the older models is the high-pitched feedback. Fortunately, digital hearing device manufacturers have come a long way, with small, quiet and discreet devices.

“Opn hearing aids are not just great, they are life-changing.”

– Robert, Opn Hearing Aid User

“With Opn, I can capture all those sweet moments in the details.”

– Shannon, Special Ed Teacher

Digital hearing devices are equipped with many great features and capabilities

Feedback Reduction

The high-pitched squealing has been eliminated. Digital hearing devices process sounds differently and can filter out the sounds you don’t want to hear.

Speech Enhancement

With digital hearing devices, you hear more of what you want to hear, focusing in on speech and reducing background noise.

Directional Microphones

Some digital hearing devices are equipped with two microphones, providing the opportunity to focus on the desired sound source and reduce ambient noises that may interfere with effective listening.

Wireless Technology

Most of the digital hearing devices available today are Bluetooth compatible, and feature the ability to connect to smart phones and other devices wirelessly, allowing for easier listening in challenging listening environments.

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For your convenience, we have four locations throughout California to serve you. Visit us in Sonoma, San Jose or Los Gatos.
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